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You picked out the perfect heels to wear and took one last glance in the mirror before heading out. You know the shoes you`re wearing normally hurt but you also know they`re too cute to not wear.

Halfway through the night you can`t bear the pain from your shoes digging into your feet. Just as you`re considering calling it a night and going home thanks to your shoes, you glance your solemate out of the corner of your eye.  

Now you have a reason to stay. 

You found your Solemate. 

The Story…..

SoleMates shoes is guilty of having an identity crisis….After all with their plush inner lining, soft stylish exterior, and comfort grip rubber sole it can be the perfect around the house shoe or the hero when you can`t walk around in your dress shoes anymore. And with the unique patented design that allows the shoe to expand or contract with your foot for ultimate comfort you could swear that this shoe was custom made for you!

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